MikroTik L009UiGS-RM

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A New Benchmark in Budget Routers

Replacing the well-known RB2011 series, the L009UiGS-RM model offers a seamless blend of higher speeds, advanced functionalities, and a raft of quality-of-life improvements.
The MikroTik L009UiGS-RM has a modern dual-core CPU that is powered by the ARM CPU architecture and is up to 4 times faster than older models, – which allows it to optimize advanced RouterOS functions like routing and complex firewall rules. In practice, this allows for more granular control over your network, making it easier to set up secured VLANs for different departments in a business setting, or to implement comprehensive QoS rules for prioritizing voice and video traffic at home. Its processing power significantly reduces latency, making real-time communication applications like video conferencing smoother and more reliable.
The router’s high-performance CPU also offers IPsec hardware encryption, for modern businesses that rely on VPNs for secure, remote data access. The router’s hardware encryption keeps your data safe without slowing down performance, unlike software-based options. This is particularly beneficial for remote teams who need to access sensitive company data without sacrificing speed or security.

More Than Just Connectivity

The MikroTik L009UiGS-RM has 8 fast Ethernet ports for more than just quick data transfer. The first port supports PoE-in, allowing the device to be powered through the Ethernet connection itself. This is useful in tough setups like outdoor surveillance or remote work where regular power outlets are hard to find. The last port can also power other devices if the router is plugged into a DC jack, which makes your network setup easier. For instance, you could power a secondary device like a security camera, access point, or even another router, directly from this router without needing separate power supplies for each device. The router’s SFP cage supports current and future speed needs, so you can boost your network without getting a new router.

Boosted Network Functionality

The router’s USB-A 3.0 port makes it more than just a network device. For software developers and IT professionals, this means the ability to deploy containerized applications directly from the router. Imagine running a local DNS server, a VPN gateway, or even a home automation system — all streamlined and centralized through your router. Additionally, this port allows you to connect an LTE modem, giving you a backup connectivity option that kicks in whenever your main Internet service faces interruptions. This is particularly useful for businesses that can’t afford downtime or for remote locations where internet connections are unstable.

Designed to Excel

Boost your data speeds with the fast Marvell Peridot Switch chip, offering 2.5 Gigabit connections to the CPU for all ports except Ether1. Whether you’re a business needing fast file transfers between departments, or a content creator handling large multimedia files, the Marvell Peridot Switch chip makes sure your data reaches its destination quickly and smoothly. Ether1 has its own dedicated Gigabit full-duplex line to the CPU: this separate channel ensures that specific tasks or services you may designate to this port, like a connection to your Internet Service Provider, can operate without interference from other network activities.
The router’s case acts as a large heat sink, helping to keep the device cool and lower the risk of overheating — a router that can effectively dissipate heat is crucial for long-term reliability and performance. This router is excellent at making the most of the available space. Up to four of these power-packed devices can fit into a single 1U rackmount space. This lets you boost your network’s power fourfold while keeping things neat and efficient. This is especially beneficial for data centers, server rooms, or any high-density networking environment.


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