License RouterOS Level 6 / CHR P-Unlimited

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Advanced Routing Capabilities

MikroTik RouterOS Level 6 is the ultimate edition of this comprehensive network operating system, capable of transforming both standard PC hardware and specialized MikroTik equipment into high-performing, sophisticated network routers. It encompasses a full spectrum of networking functionalities, including advanced routing capabilities, robust firewall protection, intricate bandwidth management, and extensive wireless access point configuration. This level is specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of large-scale enterprise networks, offering an expansive array of configuration options and delivering exceptional performance to accommodate complex, high-traffic network environments.
With RouterOS Level 6, administrators gain access to advanced network tools and protocols, enabling precise control over data flow, security measures, and resource allocation. The system’s advanced routing functionality supports a wide range of protocols and paths, optimizing network traffic and efficiency across various segments and borders. Its firewall component is engineered to provide state-of-the-art security, safeguarding the network from external threats while managing internal traffic flows meticulously.

Customization and Monitoring

In terms of bandwidth management, RouterOS Level 6 excels in allowing administrators to prioritize and allocate network resources effectively, ensuring optimal operation of critical applications and services, even under heavy load conditions. The wireless access point feature is equally robust, offering versatile setup options, including multiple SSID configurations, extensive security protocols, and detailed signal management, to create powerful and reliable wireless networks.
Accessible through MikroTik’s Winbox, a graphical user interface, or via a command-line interface, RouterOS Level 6 provides network professionals with versatile management options, facilitating detailed customization and monitoring of the network. This level of RouterOS is designed for those who need the highest degree of performance, security, and configurability, making it an ideal choice for managing complex network architectures and high-demand networking environments.

Ideal for Enterprises & Data Centers

This license tier is designed for the most demanding network environments, offering the highest capacity and versatility in RouterOS’s range. It is an ideal choice for large enterprises, data centers, and Internet service providers who need to manage extensive networks with varying requirements and heavy traffic loads. Upon obtaining the license, the key is retrieved from your MikroTik account or the provided email, which can then be entered into the RouterOS device via the terminal or the Winbox interface. As with other levels, this license is tied to the device’s SoftwareID, ensuring a secure and dedicated application to the hardware. Activation requires a system reboot after the license key is entered, making the advanced features and capabilities of the level immediately available.

Unlimited Users & Sessions

Comparatively, License Level 6 surpasses Levels 4 and 5 in terms of network capacity and feature accessibility. While Level 4 supports 1 Gbit/s speed limits and Level 5 extends to 10 Gbit/s, Level 6 offers unlimited speed, allowing for the full utilization of network hardware capabilities without artificial restrictions. Additionally, while the lower tiers have specific caps on the number of active users and sessions across various services like PPPoE, HotSpot, and User Manager, Level 6 lifts these limitations entirely. This enables unlimited active users and sessions, making it a powerhouse for networks that experience heavy usage and require extensive scalability. With unlimited access to VPN tunnels, VLAN interfaces, queue rules, and bonding interfaces, Level 6 stands out as the most comprehensive and unrestricted option in MikroTik’s RouterOS licensing, catering to networks that demand the highest levels of performance and flexibility.
All Licenses:
  • never expire
  • can use the unlimited number of interfaces
  • are for one installation each
  • offer unlimited software upgrades
NOTE! There are no license level upgrades, if you wish to use a different license Level, please purchase the appropriate level. Be very careful when purchasing for the first time, choose the correct option.


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