MikroTik hEX lite

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Introducing the hEX Series Routers

Designed for home and small office setups, these routers offer reliable wired connections via Ethernet cables. With PoE ports, you can power devices like access points and cameras through Ethernet. hEX S and hEX PoE also feature an SFP port for high-speed internet connections using optical cables. The RouterOS operating system by Mikrotik provides extensive network configuration and traffic management capabilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient networking experience.

Affordable Wired Networking

The MikroTik hEX lite Router is a compact yet powerful networking device designed to cater to the needs of home and small office installations. With a focus on wired connectivity, this router is the ultimate choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient network setup without the need for wireless capabilities.

Performance and Processing Power

Driven by a 650 MHz chipset and boasting a single core, the hEX lite router delivers exceptional processing power for handling various networking tasks with ease. Its 64 MB RAM ensures smooth and uninterrupted operation, guaranteeing a seamless networking experience for users of all kinds.

Connectivity, Storage & Memory

The hEX lite router features five 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, offering fast data transfer rates for connected devices. Whether it’s your computers, printers, or other compatible devices, you can rely on stable and high-speed wired connections through the router’s Ethernet ports.
With 16 MB of storage memory, the hEX lite router provides ample space for essential configurations and firmware updates. This ensures smooth operation and easy maintenance, keeping your network up-to-date without any hassle.

Compact Design & Affordability

Housed in an attractive plastic case, the hEX lite router’s compact design blends effortlessly into any environment. Its clean looks and small form factor make it a perfect fit for home and small office spaces. Additionally, the straightforward setup ensures that even users new to networking can configure the router effortlessly.
One of the most appealing aspects of the hEX lite router is its affordability. Priced lower than the RouterOS license alone, it remains an excellent choice for MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) capable routers, ensuring top-notch performance at a budget-friendly price.


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