License RouterOS Level 4 / CHR P1

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Advanced Networking Functions

MikroTik RouterOS is a robust operating system based on the Linux kernel, designed for use with MikroTik’s own hardware devices, including routers and switches. This operating system harnesses the hardware’s capabilities to offer a myriad of advanced networking functions such as routing, firewall, bandwidth management, and more. RouterOS is adept in routing, employing routing tables and protocols like OSPF, BGP, and RIP to direct data packets efficiently across various networks, thereby enhancing network scalability and operational efficiency. Its integrated firewall acts as a protective barrier, monitoring and controlling incoming and outgoing traffic based on established security rules to shield the internal network from external threats.

Traffic Shaping and Policing

In the realm of bandwidth management, RouterOS demonstrates its prowess by employing traffic shaping and policing techniques to manage network resources effectively, thus ensuring optimal quality of service (QoS) for different applications. Its functionality as a wireless access point bridges the gap between wired and wireless network segments, facilitating seamless communication and resource access. RouterOS also plays a crucial role in backhaul link management, a vital component for connecting remote network edges to the central network infrastructure, often utilizing fiber-optic, microwave, or satellite links for data transport.
Highlighting its versatility, RouterOS includes features for establishing hotspot gateways, offering public Wi-Fi connectivity in places like cafes, airports, and hotels, while maintaining stringent network security and user authentication measures. Furthermore, its VPN server feature is noteworthy, providing secure and encrypted connections over public networks, which allows for safe remote access to internal network resources and enhances security for remote working scenarios.

Extensive Configuration Options

Featuring a user-friendly interface, accessible through the Winbox graphical utility or the command-line interface, RouterOS affords significant flexibility and power to its users. It is celebrated for its stability, comprehensive support, and extensive configuration possibilities, making it a preferred choice among network engineers and technology enthusiasts. MikroTik RouterOS stands out as a leading solution in network management, catering to a broad spectrum of networking needs, from straightforward residential setups to complex corporate infrastructures.
License Level 4, also known as CHR P1, is a specific tier in the MikroTik RouterOS licensing scheme, optimized for medium-sized businesses and service providers who require advanced routing and network management capabilities. This license is particularly significant for its integration with Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) solutions, enabling virtual instances of RouterOS to be deployed efficiently in cloud environments.

Scalability and Performance Optimization

Upon purchasing, the license key is provided through your MikroTik account or email, which then must be pasted into the router using the Winbox License menu or directly in the terminal. The license is linked to the SoftwareID of the device, a unique identifier tied to the storage media, ensuring security and proper allocation of the license. A reboot is necessary to activate the license after installation.
RouterOS Level 4 license offers considerable advantages: it doesn’t expire, supports unlimited interfaces, and allows for one-time installation with unlimited software upgrades. This level supports a 1 Gbit/s speed limit, catering to networks with substantial bandwidth requirements. It can handle up to 200 active users on various tunneling protocols like PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, and OVPN, and also supports 200 active HotSpot users and 20 active User Manager sessions, making it suitable for organizations with high user connectivity needs. Additionally, unlimited VLAN interfaces, bonding interfaces, EoIP tunnels, and queue rules enable extensive network structuring and traffic management, ensuring scalability and performance optimization for growing network demands.
All Licenses:
  • never expire
  • can use the unlimited number of interfaces
  • are for one installation each
  • offer unlimited software upgrades
NOTE! There are no license level upgrades, if you wish to use a different license Level, please purchase the appropriate level. Be very careful when purchasing for the first time, choose the correct option.


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